Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rock on, Tilda!

I was reading the latest issue of Bust magazine and came across what I felt was an awesome bit of insight from actress Tilda Swinton. When asked about new motherhood, Tilda told Bust, "It's like a new person comes into being--you as a mother. But the old person, the not-mother, goes on. And you ignore her at your own peril! If you think she's not going to come bite you in the ass 20 years later,'ll have a big surprise on your hands."

I think that's so great to read because I felt like she captured something I'm feeling. Instead of changing into just one new person, I felt like motherhood sort of smashed my old self into this new self and sometimes, well sometimes I can feel them both sort of needing attention. I love that a well-read magazine publishes sentiments like these to let women know it's definitely ok to need to pamper your "not-mother" self every now and then.

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