Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day!

This will be my first Mother's Day with an external child. Last year, people wished me happy Mother's Day and bought me cards, and I felt a bit like a sham for basking in that glory and lapping it all up. If only I knew!

This year, I didn't pay very much attention and assumed the holiday was May 16. That's when my husband and I made some plans to celebrate. When we found out I got the date wrong, we kept our plans the same since I'll be home in Central PA visiting my own mother this weekend!

But, when I return, I'll be celebrating Mother's Day in the following way: I will sleep until 10am. Or I will at least remain in my bed until that time. My husband is in charge of all diapers, solid foods, and baby entertainment until that lovely hour. And if someone wanted to carry some breakfast upstairs to me, or a cup of tea, that would just be icing. It's a huge fantasy. (I am trying not to think about the mess I'll find downstairs when I emerge from my cocoon)

What are your plans for the weekend?

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