Thursday, May 20, 2010

Staples vs Stitches?

I noticed an article on Stroller Derby the other day where the authors started a debate around staples vs stitches for a c-section incision. The article references a study done at the University of Insubria in Italy that found, cosmetically, the two methods produce equal results. It then refers to an earlier study that found staples increase the chances of complications post-surgery.

When I had my c-section, I had internal stitches and external staples for a few days. These were then replaced with those butterfly sticky things, which stayed put for more than a month before coming off in the shower. My scar is in pretty good shape these days in the sense that it's pale pink and only gently raised.

What sort of closure method did other moms encounter? I don't recall being given a choice or discussion about it, but then my surgery was an emergency one and not a planned or scheduled operation. Did other moms have a similar experience? How are your scars holding up these days?

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  1. I had staples and my scar healed up just fine. I have trouble finding it.